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The upper adds a picatinny optic rail, a side cocking charging handle, and a forend. Lage Manufacturing is currently marketing a drop-in. Alliance Armament is making slowfire uppers that accept unmodified Suomi 36 round stick magazines, 50 round coffin mags, and 71 round drum magazines. They also produce a 7. The semiautomatic civilian pistol version of the MAC, which operates differently from its military counterpart, fell under the Assault Weapons Ban.

The ban enacted various requirements that defined an assault weapon. The MAC was named directly in the ban, [17] and it failed three of the requirements:. Additionally, the magazine capacity was 32 rounds. In response, Wayne Daniel redesigned the M by eliminating the threaded barrel and creating a new magazine release that would only allow the firearm to accept a new round magazines as the Assault Weapons Ban mandated.

Due to international arms embargoes of Apartheid South Africa, the country was forced to design and manufacture their own weapons.

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The weapon was intended for use by security forces. The manufacturing rights shifted from hand to hand several times during the years, passing from Mechem to Milkor Marketing and later to Truvelo Armoury, the current manufacturer as for The layout of this weapon is somewhat based on the Uzi submachine gun. It uses 9mm rounds for easy transportation, and can be operated in either hand. Although the weapon performed well in trials, it was discontinued due to financial reasons.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American machine pistol. For the computer operating system, see Mac OS X.

For the rapper, see Mack For the rap group, see Totally Insane. Russel Grenada Retrieved 11 June Military Armament Corporation. Modern Warfare. London: Marshall Cavendish Books. The Uzi Submachine Gun. Osprey Publishing. Assault Weapons. Gun Digest Books. Cartridges and Firearm Identification.

CRC Press. Lethal Passage: The Story of a Gun.

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Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Gun Digest Iola, Wisconsin: Gun Digest Books. Secretary of Treasury, No. Impacts of the Assault Weapons Ban, — Archived from the original on January 19, January 27, Coulsdon: Jane's Information Group. H Owen , p. Jane's Infantry Weapons , 15th Edition.

Jane's Information Group. From the time the first MAC weapon was produced until today, a number of different questions have evolved over models and design features Table 2. The big reason for the difference was not so much the cost but was the weight Table 2. In fact, discretionary briefcases were made for these two guns, which allows the operator to fire the weapon from inside of the briefcase without removing the weapon. In addition, early Powder Springs manufactured MACs lack the reinforcing tabs on the front take down hole. While older designed SWD cocking knobs were slotted, the newer ones are not see Figure 3.

Recently Tactical Innovations, Inc introduced a newly manufactured cocking knob for the SWD M11 that is similar in design to the older style but has a number of improvements. The Zytel mags have had mixed reviews as far as reliability goes. The major problem with the Zytel mags was that the feed lips would bend or break, causing reliability problems. The other major problem with the Zytel mags was that the seam along the back of the mag would split after being filled to capacity. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to this problem.

The MAC uses a smaller steel magazine which are rare and often expensive. My guess was that this dimensional difference was done to compensate for the lack of weight in the SWD 9 mm bolt, by giving it a slightly longer cycling distance. The factory cyclic rate of both guns is still very high, in the rpm range, which means that a 30 rnd mag can be emptied in about 1. My experience is that the MAC is a tad bit slower than the SWD, but for all intents and purposes, they are both fast cyclic rate guns.

And because the supply is fixed and the demand continues to increase, the value of the MACs only continues to rise. I have tabulated some of the differences below and in Table 1 on the manufacturers and lineage of the MAC This is the company started by Mitch L. When the dust had settled, Gordon Ingram and the WerBell family had been forced out of the company. From that time until the eventual bankruptcy of Military Armament Corp.

RPB, Atlanta, Georgia. This company whose acronym was rumored to stand for Rape, Plunder, and Burn, actually is the initials of its company founders: Ray Roby, Charlie Pitts, and Richard Brueggeman. Nearly all of the machine guns that came from RPB were either frame flats, frames or completed guns which were bought from MAC in the auction.

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Because the machine gun market at that time was not as popular as it is today, RPB came up with a new marketing strategy, which was to offer the MAC as a Title I weapon a semi-automatic creating an open bolt semi-automatic firearm. Daniel differed from his predecessors in that he was a marketing genius, kept his company small and manageable, and worked along side his employees. MAC, Stephensville, Texas. In short, Leatherwood redesigned the trigger mechanism, the safety, and the stock.

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The guns built by Leatherwood were also tack welded rather than TIG welded. Additionally, the Jersey gun will not accept a standard wire Mtype stock. Many of the Jersey Arms guns were also blued, rather than parkerized like the other MAC-type weapons. Section Five Firearms Ltd. The Sections Five Limited guns were made in 9mm and are kind of unusual in that it uses an UZI grip frame and magazines.

The MAC-type weapons were originally designed to be fired using a sound suppression device. Below are a few of the design characteristics of the original MAC suppressors. It is important to note that while the MAC suppressors were, at the time, state of the art in sound suppression, there are many new and innovative MAC suppressors that are now far superior in design.

The suppressors for the MAC-type weapons are of the thread-type and this is another difference between many MAC-type weapons.

mac 11 machine gun for sale Mac 11 machine gun for sale
mac 11 machine gun for sale Mac 11 machine gun for sale
mac 11 machine gun for sale Mac 11 machine gun for sale
mac 11 machine gun for sale Mac 11 machine gun for sale
mac 11 machine gun for sale Mac 11 machine gun for sale
mac 11 machine gun for sale Mac 11 machine gun for sale
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