How to edit a gopro video on mac


That being said, we recommend saving the original footage from your action camera to the PC before you start editing, if your disc space allows that.

Edit photos, videos to music

Once you've added a video to VSDC, you can mute its sound - especially if it's just background noises - add an audio or record your own voice comments. Just like in any GoPro video editor, you can rotate or crop the footage frame to focus on a particular object, and of course, you can cut and split fragments of your movie.

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Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we strongly recommend you checking this tutorial. While you're working on a project - especially if it's a "heavy" long high quality video - we recommend you to activate the Autosave feature.

The 8 Best GoPro Editing Software of 12222

Thus even if you have power outage, a cord chewed by a curious pet, or any other minor disaster, your video editing efforts won't be wasted. Action camera owners, more than any other videographers, are exposed to weather surprises. Videos come out overexposed or underexposed all the time, because of Some shooters rely on autocorrection features, but the outcome might not always meet the expectations.

Most non-linear GoPro video editors should allow you to access this panel and make adjustments according to your needs. If your GoPro video is overexposed , or too bright because of the sun: don't rush increasing the level of contrast or decreasing the level of brightness - even thought it may seem the most logical step.

Try lowering the level of gamma significantly instead, and watch how your footage becomes more visually appealing. If your GoPro video is underexposed , or too dark: you're in a bit more difficult situation than with a bright video, but you can fix it to a certain degree by increasing all the BCG levels. Bring brightness to the highest point, then level up contrast and gamma a bit to adjust accordingly. You can add comments, titles and subtitles in any GoPro video editor with just few clicks.

What we encourage you to try though, is playing with the settings to achieve impressive effects.

GoPro Editing Software | Download GoPro Video Editor

Here are two tricks to apply in VSDC:. Text contour. Outline titles and intros in VSDC to make them look authentic in the picture. You're able to choose the contour color and thickness. Video in text. This is a great effect for video opening or a transition to a new chapter. Even though it may look complicated, it literally requires just several mouse clicks and can be performed by a video editing newbie. Simply add text to the timeline, double click on its layer and add a video object.

Make sure that the video covers the entire text, then click on "Blend" menu left side of the timeline and choose "source in". Here is the result you get:. In modern video editing software, it all comes down to whether you're going to publish your video online, or keep it to yourself on a DVD.

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  • So when you get to the export step, those pre-configured output profiles - are the first thing you should look for. That means, the size, the resolution and the quality of your movie will be automatically adjusted for the particular social network requirements. One thing we want to recommend though - no matter where the video will go - is keeping the highest quality possible.

    Social networks, poor Internet connection or low screen resolution are famous for smearing visuals so much, it may spoil the impression of the viewer. Whenever you have a chance to choose an export codec, go with H.

    It will compress your video to the minimum size while keeping the highest quality. Moreover, it can download online videos from popular video sites, like YouTube, Yahoo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. You can edit any GoPro video with it freely.

    Best GoPro video editing software for beginners

    The user-friendly interface will make the GoPro video editing just a piece of cake. It has comprehensive GoPro video editing functions to design and customize GoPro video transition effects, titles and disc menu, etc. You can also make animated slideshows with your Gopro videos or photos. There are plenty of templates and themes for you to choose. However, there is no Mac version for this Gopro video editing software and this professional app is a little bit difficult to use for new beginners. There may also expensive upgrades for some professional editing functions.

    One more tips, if you want to install this app to your computer, remember to spare 6 GB of RAM as the minimum for a 64 bit system. It can transform GoPro footage into videos with many templates of effects, transitions, menus and background music. The bit performance makes it work faster.

    There are easy mode and advanced mode for both new beginners and experienced users. But there are also some complaints from users: crashes frequently, cannot import. It can easily re-use custom filters and transitions, combine projects, and manage clips, etc. With the update of the app, there are creative features to help you edit GoPro video.

    Audio Ducking can adjust audio track automatically. Video Masking and Freeze Frame enable you to add special effects to videos.

    The Best GoPro Video Editors

    Now it is bundled with the Quik app, You will be forced to download them both. If you are having a Mac, iMovie is an obvious choice for editing GoPro footages. Usually, it is already install on your Mac. If you do not find it, you can also download it on App Store. It is capable of cropping, cutting, zooming, and correcting the hue of your video. It also allows you to choose from numerous text styles, templates and themes.

    Besides, iMovie also comes with various color filters, transitions and it supports exporting and editing footages on 4k resolution so you can create a trailer-like or Hollywood-like video. Lightworks is one of high end photo and video editing programs. It has both free and paid version. You will love it because its free version provides all features you need to make a professional movie. This GoPro editing software allows you to crop, resize, merge and sync videos. The toolkit has a lot of features, there are real-time settings, as well as background encoding options so that you can make a perfect video.

    ApowerEdit is a professional video editor especially designed for beginners. Characterized with smart workflow, the program makes it easier for one to navigate and perform basic and advanced editing tasks. It has a wide range of supported output formats. It allows users to split, crop, zoom and mosaic video. It also comes with text styles, stunning effects, amazing filters to their project in a matter of seconds. Once you have finished editing GoPro footages, you can easily export your video with high quality.

    how to edit a gopro video on mac How to edit a gopro video on mac
    how to edit a gopro video on mac How to edit a gopro video on mac
    how to edit a gopro video on mac How to edit a gopro video on mac
    how to edit a gopro video on mac How to edit a gopro video on mac
    how to edit a gopro video on mac How to edit a gopro video on mac
    how to edit a gopro video on mac How to edit a gopro video on mac

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