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Don't find yourself in this situation. Start backing up your files today! Keep your data safe with Get Backup Pro, our backup, archive, disk cloning, and folder sync software for Mac.

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Quickly back up data, create bootable and encrypted backups, sync folders, and be confident that your data is safely stored in case of system failure or information loss. Use Get Backup Pro to make a copy of your data. Created backups are incremental, which means that only the new files that were not present during the original backup are copied.

Set up backup encryption and automated backup schedule. Just set up an automated backup schedule and choose to archive your files to an external disk, network volume, or CD and DVD, and let Get Backup Pro keep your data safe. Later, restore archives on any computer without having Get Backup Pro installed.

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Migrating to a new disk has never been easier or faster. If the disk in your Mac fails, just take it out and restore from clone to get back to work without losing any time. Or, if you're waiting for a new disk, boot up using the clone as an external drive. Say goodbye to long, tedious restore processes! Synchronize files and folders on your Mac with another computer or mounted drive using the sync features. Sync in one direction or update files in both locations using bidirectional synchronization. As with backing up files, sync projects can be scheduled to run at a certain time on any day, so Get Backup Pro does the work for you.

Get Backup Pro can serve as a good addition to Time Machine as it has some extra features. With Get Backup Pro you can create bootable backups using disk cloning functionality, encrypted backups to keep your data safe, choose which files or folders to back up, compress your archives, back up mounted and network disks. Read more. Get Backup vs.

Time Machine Find out whether you need more than Time Machine. Data Backup and Storage How and why to backup data effectively. February 4, Get Backup 3. December 13, Get Backup 3. October 12, Get Backup 3. Advanced Mac Backup Software Imagine it. Error writing to backup log. I have no idea why it stopped to allow the disk to be ejected!! Is it something OS X does?? I am running Yosemite. Anybody else having this issue? The really sad part is that the tmutil command makes you "disconnect" ALL previous TM backups permanently.

So now I have four backups that i need to redo from scratch There should've been a warning son that Thanks for the great article! Creating the time machine volume worked great. I had issues mounting a volume using the script.

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After some searching, I found this site: Nice work, quite clear. I wanted to create a large space, so I specified 1.

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However, when I began the backup, TimeMachine failed, saying there wasn't enough space, and the drive shows only about 54Gbytes available. Have I done something wrong? I've tried this using a YouTube video same technique and your instructions. Both times, I get stuck in Terminal after inputing the location of the backup drive. It asks for a password. With the YouTube video, I actually set a password but Terminal never accepted it.

With your technique, I did not set a password but Terminal still asked for one. Hmm, I'm not sure what would prompt a password then assuming you're using an un-encrypted drive. My only guess is that the network share the sparesbundle is on, and the sparsebundle itself, share a name? Just a guess, not sure what else to add. Look in sys preferences under security - does it say at the top "A login password has been set for this user"?

That's what it wants. What if instead of using a sparse bundle I use a real Time Machine volume attached to the server? Do you think this will work? Only if you server can share the drive using AFP, which is the only network protocol Time Machine supports. I'm hoping Apple starts supporting SMB in future releases, which would make all of this effort unnecessary. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions! It still took me a couple of attempts to get it to work, but for two days it was diligently copying the initial backup to my NAS drive.

Unfortunately, like in one of your comments above, about midnight last night the sparse bundle unmounted and now won't mount. I can see the sparse bundle in disc utility, and when I select the item with a disc icon versus disc image I can run verify disc, which reports that it appears to be OK. When I try to mount it from disc utility it says to try running disc first aid, but the repair button is grayed out. Any suggestions? Unfortunately no, this keeps happening to me as well.

Turn Your NAS Or Windows Share Into A Time Machine Backup

I'm looking for solutions, but haven't found one. Can the procedure be used to have one network backup drive in addition to a backup drive directly attached to the computer to be backed up? I have six computers on a network, each with its own hard drive dedicated to Time Machine backups. I now want to have an additional hard drive on the network that will contain a secondary Time Machine backup for each of the six computers. That is, on each of the computers I will have Time Machine make two backups, one on the dedicated hard drive and one on the secondary network drive. The network hard drive will be used only for Time Machine backups.

Should I create six partitions on the network hard drive, i. If I use a single partition for all six backups, can I reset the maximum size of the images after I've created them? This is some high level stuff, and if you want to back up that many machines I sincerely think you should look into a Time Capsule, or a NAS that supports Time Machine backups.

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  • 1. Create A Sparse Image.

Trust me: What problems would you foresee if I were to proceed as I've described, whether using a single partition or six partitions? If I had a Time Capsule, would I, on each of my computers, be able to specify it as the secondary location in addition to the hard drive dedicated to the computer? Read the comments below and look at all the little hiccups people have run into. Now imagine doing that with 6 backups. I wouldn't want to do it myself. That's a feature Apple offers as part of Time Machine.

What does Time Machine do when it runs out of space on a Time Capsule used to back up several computers? I know that when using an external drive for backup it deletes the oldest backups in order to free space for the new backup. Does is do the same thing on a Time Capsule used to back up several computers? I may be under-qualified to answer your questions, but I believe that yes: I bet the local Apple store could explain more for you. Has this not happened to other people? Haven't tried the script with the encryption enabled or I'd help you out Chris, sorry about that. Have you had any issues where the disk image would unmount in the middle of a backup?

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I just had this happen. Yeah, I've had that from time to time, I've also had a couple of images refuse to connect after a while. Still finetuning this all, beginning to wonder whether it's worth the effort. Can't get the restore to work with Migration Assistant. Even if the drive is mounted when I launch Migration Assistant, it seems to go into a special "mode" where all my running apps are closed, and all my mounted drives are unmounted.

Just won't find the backup. I've managed to get things going I think by manually copying the files out of the backup and back to where they ought to be, but that feels like a horrible hack, and I'm not sure what it's going to do to my file permissions. I have this running now, But i realized that the time machine backup is saving locally while backing up Is this true for everyone else as well?

Im assuming the backup will then upload to the network drive after the time machine is complete but as of right now its taking my local storage.

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