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Thank you very much!

How to Add Songs to iTunes

Transferred iTunes from the pc to the iMac, via thumb drive. Took time but it worked.

Here are some things to know

Went out and bought my better half a new PC. Transferred itunes from mac to the PC via thumb drive again. Worked fine, but after a week, all songs have exclamation point next to entire librarysongs. Purchased tv shows will not play either. When i first transferred everything it worked fine.

So when I tunes opens it looks for the misic in the iTunes folder in my music.. If the music is there, then all u need do is drag the folder…. Hey there Everything went smoothly until i plugged the hard drive a WD smartware passport into my old PC. Do you think the problem is the hard drive or my PC?

What do you think? Please disregard that last comment. Unfortunately it seems to think it is empty!

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Nothing in there at all. Any ideas? Steve, i had that problem once before. I learned it was because the file system could be different on the drive that you use for your Mac maybe FAT32 file system. I want to copy copy and move. I have done the transfer but. There is an! The PC can not find the file — Help.

Thanks, this was so helpful. Worked perfectly for me and your instructions are so clearly set out. I have a wonderful and well-loved macbook that is over 7 years old.

How to Transfer Your iTunes Library from One Computer to Another

I have been in denial for the longest time — I replaced the battery when it died last year. But, the OS will not allow for the next upgrade, and everything has slowed to a dull crawl. And I cannot justify spending another few hundred dollars to replace that. YOU are appreciated! Question — my external hard drive has been used as my Mac back up TimeMachine. Can I still use it to transfer my iTunes library to my Windows laptop? Hello, Your instructions were very clear and I was so excited to finally be able to move my library from my 10 year old mac G4 to our lovely new home pc.

Ive found a few things on the net that may work. Technology can be so frustrating! Thank you though, finding your site has given me a glimmer of hope that these things can be done! Where else could it be? Did steps one and two.

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Stuck on step 3. Old desktop mac by the way Wish I could just afford a mac laptop but too expensive. Help please. Went smooth, the.

Great heads up Thanks again, and everyone, keep up all the great help! I got all the way to the very last step and thought I had succeeded. I have a little exclamation mark with a circle stuck next to each song. Please help! I want to jump off a cliff. So frustrating! Sorry, goofy question, I reformatted it to FAT32 and it works fine, now I just have to figure out my other problems to get it to work. When I tried to play a song, it said, itunes could not find the file and did I want to locate it. OK so maybe that title is a bit exaggerated. Of course I could live without these things, just like I could also technically live I miss it when I leave and love to breathe it in when I return.

I love living Ventura Mojo.

Transfer iTunes backup files from Windows to Mac through SMB

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How to export and import iTunes playlist on Mac?

Posted at pm January 6, admin. Posted at am February 20, Jason. Posted at pm May 25, Kevin. Jason, I am having the same problem. Were you able to find a solution? But what if you want to copy your iTunes library, with all its music, and maintain your playlists and metadata information such as ratings and last played dates?

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Copy itunes mac to windows

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