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ProcessWire rocks! Security has always been the 1 priority with ProcessWire, and it shows. Unlike other platforms, you can launch a ProcessWire site and then leave it for years without maintenance or updates should that be the need. ProcessWire is designed for multi-language from the core and provides best-in-class multi-language capabilities, multi-language fields and translation tools. ProcessWire is pure open source Mozilla Public License 2. ProcessWire has been in active development for more than a decade and is here for the long term.

From its rich text editor and image editing tools to its front-end editing capabilities and more, ProcessWire provides the best content editing tools available. Whether in development or editing, ProcessWire is singularly focused on saving you time and thus money by making everything simpler and faster.

Backcountry Snowcats 2 Backcountry Snowcats snowcats. The site was moved from a static site generator to ProcessWire. Langenbachhof 11 Langenbachhof www. The CMS offers the necessary flexibility and performance for such a complex website like superbude.

The Best 10 Free and Open Source CMS Software Solutions

ProcessWire offers options that are only available for larger systems, such as Drupal, and allows a much slimmer development process. New 11 October 3 This latest version of the core on the dev branch has a lot of updates, and the biggest is the addition of custom fields support for file and image fields. In this post, we take a closer look and also outline all of the new features in the just-released FormBuilder v So powerful yet simple to build with and customise, and web editors love it too. FormBuilder Whether you need a large registration form or just a simple contact form, ProcessWire Form Builder helps you get the job done quickly and easily.

ProFields ProFields are an powerful group of ProcessWire field types with custom inputs that enable you to manage more data with fewer fields. This saves you time, reduces overhead, and makes development more efficient and even more fun. ProMailer ProMailer is the ideal tool for creating and sending email newsletters and managing subscribers in ProcessWire.

What's in this list?

It answers many of the same needs as services like MailChimp and Constant Contact, but without the recurring fees associated with those services. ProDrafts ProDrafts enables you to easily maintain separate draft and live versions of any page in ProcessWire. It also provides automatic-save capability, live preview preview as you type , group workflow functions and more!

ProDevTools ProDevTools is a powerful set of tools for web developers that enable your company to deliver a better, faster and stronger product. The flagship is ProfilerPro which helps you to profile and optimize your code. We wanted something that gave us plenty of control on the back-end, without any bloat on the front end - just a nice, easy to access API for all our content that left us free to design and build however we liked.

Powerful ProcessWire is like a power tool for your website, able to deliver any output, to any number of people, while remaining incredibly fast and flexible. Enjoyable Something we hear over and over is how much fun it is to develop websites in ProcessWire. Scalable ProcessWire is designed to scale. Right from the start, Neos was designed to be particularly user-friendly.

In contrast to other, classic CMS, editors no longer have to fill out dozens of form fields for headings, titles, etc. Instead, they edit the content directly in the layout and design of the page. The same applies to different display formats like tablet, smartphone, or Google search results: Users can easily switch between views without leaving the page.

This allows content to be quickly and easily optimized for different channels. Another special feature are the content dimensions.

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The highlight: editors can create any number of content versions for different target groups. The content is not just available in different languages, but also for different target groups gender, culture, country, region, role, etc. Marketing campaigns can therefore be controlled in a very targeted way. Maintaining large quantities of multi-sites in a Neos system is also part of the standard repertoire.

New content in companies often goes through several review and approval processes from creation to publication. Using user and group workspaces, supported by flexible rights management, Neos easily integrates into existing processes. Despite the focus on content, Neos is not just pure CMS.

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Neos was developed for integration and extensibility. This combination is unique and industry leading.

Sophisticated, Lightweight and Simple

Developers can design Neos the way they want. This should make clear that the strengths of Neos lie beside classical websites in fastidious and complex projects: Integration of third party software, connection to external systems ERP, CRM, etc. Existing extensions can easily be installed through Composer e. Nothing stands in the way of individual extensions either. With Neos 4. Similarly, photo services like Fotolia, Unsplash etc. There are hardly any limits to the expandability of Neos.

10 Most Popular Free Content Management Systems (CMS) 12222

This eliminates the need to maintain and review content twice. The greatest strength of the Neos community is its innovative strength. After the recently completed revision of the user interface, React, developers are currently working on the integration of machine learning or the reimplementation of the Neos Content Repository with CQRS and EventSourcing.

The latter in particular makes Neos specifically interesting for banks, insurance companies, and public authorities, as it saves various content revisions safely from later changes. In addition to regional meetings and sprints, the community meets at the annual Neos Conference to share knowledge, get to know each other personally, and learn news about Neos and other related technologies.

Looking at the statistics from BuiltWith, one alternative to source-based content management systems stands out: Around 2. The web design software, originally developed by Macromedia and now distributed by Adobe Systems, is available to users from the Creative Cloud CC as a proprietary product for macOS and Windows.

Open Source 2D-CAD

This makes diverse functions like syntax highlighting, automatic code integration, validation, and a browser preview in real time available to developers. A modern, responsive web design can be implemented using the integrated CSS framework Bootstrap. Due to the extensive range of functions and comparatively high cost for a user license, the high-performance software is primarily directed toward professional users and agents.

More information as well as a description of the attractive alternative to CMS can be found in our article on the topic.

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  6. In addition, the presented CMS provide important features from which even the big competition can profit. The content management system Craft was developed in , but still leads a niche existence. The second reason is not necessarily a disadvantage: Where WordPress focuses on ease of use and allows even novice users to bring an appealing blog online in just a few minutes, Craft appeals much more strongly to professional developers.

    This approach means that the entire system is very tidy. The code of the website stays neat and the structure of the stored files is also logically organized: Instead of using chronologically ordered folders, Craft users specify rules for which file type belongs in which directory. Craft also has a clear backend where content editors can easily find their way around and get new articles online. There have also been individual plugins developed for the sleek CMS that extend its range of functions.

    Content management systems are generally based on databases. If users visit a website, then the corresponding entry in the database is accessed. But a few CMS break with this tradition and get by without a database. Instead, these systems save all important information in files and then save these in a corresponding directory structure.

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