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You're a lifesaver! Any ideas?

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Thanks so much for this! I knew someone would take the chance to make this mouse work with OS X. Awesome work. You can also search Google and App Store for similar utilties. Thanks, MS was releasing driver for Mac but for whatever reason they stopped I will try that re-map app. I love Microsoft mice and it's a bit more ergonomic than the magic mouse. I joined just to say thank you!

I wanted the mouse you have until I saw how big the usb dongle was, it was for me a turn-off as I use a rmbp. If I had a mini or a desktop in general I would go with it though.

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I went with microsoft sculpt comfort and I have to say it was worth every penny. And now that I have everything mapped out its even better. I had the same issue. Followed this tutorial to no avail. I stopped using the mouse a couple months ago because of some intermittent Bluetooth issues, which you hopefully won't have, but joystick mapper looks promising. Let us know if it works; I might just try a new one again. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Just wonder if anyone has it working?

Continue this thread. Some configuration, see github A bit of history behind this. Of course Apple has a solution for this- their very own Magic Mouse. I love Apple multitouch trackpads because of how easy it is to right-click with two fingers, zoom in and out, switch spaces, etc.

The Magic Mouse promises this kind of rich interaction, but it really falls short.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse - Bluetooth Maus - Unboxing Setup - Sondertasten für Windows 10 + 8

Also, the mouse is incredibly low profile, so you end up gripping it with your thumb and either a pinky or ring finger, leaving two or three fingers hovering over the surface to pull off gestures. Logitech and others not only sculpt the mouse to a more hand-friendly shape, but they also incorporate softer plastics and rubber panels to make the device feel more comfortable and secure in the hand. Gripping the magic mouse feels like gripping the disc of a pizza slicer with two fingers.

The one thing I miss the most using a vanilla mouse is the smart zoom gesture. Smart zooming in Safari and other applications is great, and it works flawlessly on the multitouch trackpad and the Magic Trackpad.

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Like Logitech, the side of the mouse where you touch it is wrapped with grippy rubber, making it feel instantly secure. The Windows button is both a button, and a gesture surface. Also, the mouse will rumble when you complete a swipe, which is another gimmick, though the feedback is appreciated because getting the swipe right is not intuitive.

The big problem for OS X is that not only are the swipes not recognized, neither is pressing the Windows button recognized as pressing a mouse button at all.

On Windows, the Windows key is recognized as a keypress which shows the Start Menu. You could just leave it as-is and use it for Command clicking, or as a modifier key for pressing keyboard shortcuts.

How to Use a Third-Party Mouse on Your Mac

The flaw in this plan is the mouse will stop tracking while you hold down this key. For example, say you wanted to use the Windows key to Command-click a bunch of links in Safari to open them in background tabs. Ask Question.

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Asked 2 years ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 8k times. MPelletier MPelletier 1 1 gold badge 6 6 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. It took a lot of searching, but here goes. First, cover the basics: Update drivers and Windows stuff with Windows Update Update Bootcamp drivers with Apple Software Update Then, the not so subtle part: Switch to Mac if your mouse is already paired there and unpair it.

You can try and re-pair it later. Switch to Windows, pair the mouse. Reboot If the mouse is paired, congrats. Great find!

sculpt comfort mouse mac setup Sculpt comfort mouse mac setup
sculpt comfort mouse mac setup Sculpt comfort mouse mac setup
sculpt comfort mouse mac setup Sculpt comfort mouse mac setup
sculpt comfort mouse mac setup Sculpt comfort mouse mac setup
sculpt comfort mouse mac setup Sculpt comfort mouse mac setup

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