2002 mustang gt mac long tubes

1994-95 Mustang GT & Cobra Headers

Checkout our current Sales! Due to high order volume, please allow an additional days for shipping. Thank you for your patience. Your factory manifolds are small, restrictive, and leave a lot to be desired in the performance department. MAC dyno testing has shown an increase of 18 rear wheel horsepower! Along with the performance gains, you'll experience a new exhaust tone that gives your Cobra a new attitude. MAC Quality MAC has produced exhaust products for over 45 years, and the quality and experience shows in these long tube headers. Manufactured using mandrel bent, 16 gauge steel; these headers are precision fit and built to last!

Single port flanges prevent any loosening that could occur with solid flanged headers.

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MAC's chrome finish is applied to the headers and is sure to brighten up your engine bay! A set of header bolts, studs, and flange nuts complete this kit to make installation quick and easy! Emissions Note These headers are designed for off road use only. Fitment Note Will fit both manual and automatic transmissions. Application -Fits Mustang Cobra This product is intended for off-road use only, and is not legal for use in emission restrictive states. Helpful 3 Thanks for your input!

2002 Mustang GT open MAC long tube headers

Performance Gain 5. Helpful 4 Thanks for your input! Great fit and I love the sound these things produce. Fit 4. Nice throaty deep sound.

Completely changed the exhaust note of the car. It rumbles now at idle and feels more powerful on acceleration.

Going to get it tuned to get the most out of them. Very happy so far!! Smiles per gallon: Is there somewhere that sells MAC decals? These headers fit very well. Other wise I am very pleased with this purchase!!! Helpful 5 Thanks for your input!

Mustang Long Tube Headers

Quick delivery, and courteous staff at AM made the purchase a breeze. The Headers look good and really woke the car up above 3k. Fit was snug but doable, the finish is commensurate of the price. These headers sounds amazing with the matching off road x and slp loudmouths love these headers and can feel the difference in power too. Helpful 7 Thanks for your input! Product is good quality for a budget builder. Install took me and a couple friends the greater half of a day to install. I recommend if you know how to do it and have proper equipment then go for it.

If not then I recommend you take it to a local muffler or performance shop and let them bust the knuckles. It may cost more to do so but it will take a few days if you don't have proper equipment or tools. Helpful 6 Thanks for your input! It seems like a good product, but the headers are still leaking from somewhere. I'm honestly mortified with the whole experience. They didn't even do what I paid them to do and my car didn't run when they told me it did after asking them if they'd driven it.

Mac long tubes really woke my car up it pulls much harder now. Helpful 8 Thanks for your input! Sounds fantastic espially paired with some good mufflers. Looks great from under the hood and under the car. Only problem is the pain it is to get into place. Be prepared for a project. But the end result is definitly worth it. Fit 3. Bang for your Buck 5. If you're looking for great gains with awesome sound these are your best bet for automatics. You can defiantly feel the power as it wakes up your car! GT Houston,TX. Good headers but if I had to do it over again I would drop the crossmember and it will cut down on the install time drastically it can be done in one full day of non stop working.

Bang for your Buck 3. I love these long tubes. Great power gain easy install and look great. The only problem I had was that they arrived a little dinged up but who cares they are going to get dinged up eventually anyway. GT pensacola, fl. Helpful 9 Thanks for your input! In spite of what so many others say, you CAN do this install by your self, in your garage, with common hand tools. I did min alone and it was fairly simple.

If you take your time, about hrs it's not that difficult. Utilize patients and common sense. The fit was excellent, and the finish was decent. The sound improvement was awesome and the mid-high RPM power gain was the best part! Would definitely buy again! As always, AM's shipping and customer service continues to be the best in the business. Helpful 11 Thanks for your input!

Mustang Long Tube Headers - orgorahlyna.cf

I couldn't believe the gains these headers made on my 02 gt. Huge difference in throttle response and overall performance. Absolutely love them! Not to mention the deep raspy tone that turns heads. In addition, they built and installed a custom off road X pipe set-up.. Couldn't be more pleased with the MAC headers. Feels and drives like a different car.

Big props to American Muscle for quick delivery and for offering such great products at a great price.

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2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes
2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes
2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes
2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes
2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes
2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes
2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes
2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes
2002 mustang gt mac long tubes 2002 mustang gt mac long tubes

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