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How to Calibrate a Screen & Create a Display Profile in Mac OS X

Usually, calibrating your monitors and using the same color space would be enough, but there is just one small problem. Most of the latest Mac hardware uses a color space called Display P3, which is custom made by Apple. Color scientists at BenQ have fine-tuned a color mode in the latest DesignVue and PhotoVue monitors designed to minimize the visual differences between your Mac and the external display.

How To Color Calibrate Multiple Monitors with Spyder 4 Elite

M-book mode performs precise color matching and is particularly useful for dual-monitor use, where your MacBook display and external monitor work together. As you already know, most professional monitors come with standard color space modes.

Basic color calibration

When the assistant launches, you'll notice that your display's colors change a bit to the default settings. Click Continue. Every display panel is slightly different, and your lighting is different, so the next screen helps determine the display's native lighting response. You'll find two sliders and a square in the center of the screen. Follow the instructions and move the sliders until you cannot distinguish the Apple logo from the background.

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Do this slowly, and take your time, because it's a subtle change. When you've finished this, click Continue. You will see a number of screens like the ones above, each asking you to move the sliders until the Apple logo blends into the background. They all act on different colors. Click Continue after you've completed each task. You then see a "Select a target" gamma screen.

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Gamma is the contrast of the display. You can check Use native gamma, or adjust the slider to what looks right to you.

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The next screen offers to set a target white point. The only time you'd want to change this is if you have professional needs and know exactly what white point you need to use. Leave "Use native white point" checked, then click Continue. You are next asked if you want to allow other users to use your calibration.

Monitor Calibration Made Easy With These 5 Online Tools

This profile can be a specific one for the device, or more often may be a generic one that applies best to the type of technology the device uses. For quickest and very accurate results, you can purchase a color calibration device such as the Datacolor Spyder , which will allow you to create or update color profiles for different lighting conditions, with little effort on your part. The second is to use a software-only approach to color calibration, which instead of using a colorimeter device for adjustment, has you use your eyes perhaps the best colorimeter of all to provide feedback and adjustment.

The drawback here is that your interpretation of colors will be more subjective and prone to use error, but with a little practice you can get it right and create very accurate color profiles for your monitors. SuperCal offers a number of pattern matching routines, with discussion on what is going on and why each step is needed.

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One such color calibration package is SuperCal by bergdesign , which offers an in-depth routine for creating full and very accurate profiles for your monitor. This is the approach I recommended for calibrating your monitor, as I have found it to be very consistent, thorough, and very accurate.

While this runs on the same principles as SuperCal to create color calibration curves, it is a somewhat cumbersome approach that requires squinting and very subjective assessment of color pattern matching. While you can get a decent color profile using this routine and one that is far better than any generic profile , it is still subject to a little more error on your part:.

color matching two monitors mac Color matching two monitors mac
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color matching two monitors mac Color matching two monitors mac
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