How to add icons to the menu bar on a mac

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The Dock doesn't have to live at the bottom of the display; you can customize the Dock's location to take up residence along the left or right side of your display. Most users consider the Mac's Dock an app launcher, where a single click opens a favorite app. However, it is also a convenient way to access frequently used documents and manage currently running apps. Information in this article applies to Macs running OS X The earliest versions had only minor modifications to the pop-up menus. The Dock comes populated with several Apple-supplied apps. You're not limited to the apps Apple includes in the Dock, nor are you stuck with apps you don't often use that take up precious space in the Dock.

Removing apps from the Dock is easy , as is rearranging the icons in the Dock. Simply click and drag an icon to the location you prefer. One of the most-used features of the Dock is the ability to add additional apps to the Dock, which supports two methods of adding apps: drag and drop and a Keep in Dock option.

Mac OS X - How to Add and Remove Icons / Apps From Toolbar

Beginning with macOS Open a Finder window and select Applications in the left panel to locate to the application you want to add to the Dock. You can also open the Applications window by tapping Go in the Mac menu bar and selecting Applications. In the Applications screen, locate the app you want to add to the Dock. Place the cursor over the app and then click and drag the application's icon to the Dock.

How to Rearrange Icons in the Menu Bar

You can drop the app's icon just about anywhere on the Dock as long as you stay to the left of the Dock separator , a vertical line that separates the app section of the Dock the left side of the Dock from the much smaller right side of the Dock with the trash icon. The second method of adding an app to the Dock requires that the application is already running. Running apps that haven't been manually added to the Dock are temporarily displayed on the Dock while they're in use and then automatically removed from the Dock when you quit using the app.

The Keep in Dock method of adding a running app permanently to the Dock makes use of one of the Dock's hidden features: Dock menus. Instead, you must list them in order for Broomstick, which will then reorder them in your menu bar. It can be a laborious process if you have a ton of icons in your menu bar like I do, but it gets the job done. With the GeekTool window open, drag a new image geeklet to your desktop. Select Keep on Top , so that your image will hover over the menu bar. The best position for your image will depend on your display settings.

You can also place the top of your image above your menu bar if the bottom seems to hang down too far into your application windows. Just grab the geeklet and drag it upwards. Not only did we make good use of built-in options, including those in System Preferences, but we also looked to some great third-party applications to help execute the perfect menu bar. We even finished it off with a ribbon! Let us know in the comments!

Launch Apps or Access Files & Folders via the macOS Menu Bar

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Learning Guides. Computer Skills Customization. Customization OS X. What You'll Need Replacement menu bar icons You can create these yourself or find them via an internet search. Edit or remove the Fast User Switching menu. Customize How the Date and Time Are Displayed You have some limited control over how the clock appears in your menu bar.

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Change how the time is displayed in the menu bar. Use your Region settings to change how your time is displayed in the menu bar. Deselect Show Percentage to get rid of the percentage full next to your battery. Right-click on the application and choose Show Package Contents.

How to Add, Remove, and Rearrange Menu Bar Icons in macOS Mojave

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    How to Rearrange Menu Bar Icons in macOS Sierra

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      how to add icons to the menu bar on a mac How to add icons to the menu bar on a mac
      how to add icons to the menu bar on a mac How to add icons to the menu bar on a mac
      how to add icons to the menu bar on a mac How to add icons to the menu bar on a mac
      how to add icons to the menu bar on a mac How to add icons to the menu bar on a mac
      how to add icons to the menu bar on a mac How to add icons to the menu bar on a mac
      how to add icons to the menu bar on a mac How to add icons to the menu bar on a mac

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