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1. You Can Use Ancestry Without Family Tree Maker

As for the introductory offer to new users, it seems the only way to find it is by subscribing to the mailing list. No discounts seems to be available on the main order page. We were able to locate direct links to these discount pages, however, and they can be found below. We are simply providing them to assist our readers who may have trouble finding the discounts.

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Unsubscribe at any time. You're almost ready to start receiving tips! Simply confirm your email address to complete your subscription. Remember, if you already have FTM the update for Windows at least is free from within your current program.

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Of course, you could choose to use your old FTM version for a while longer. It will continue to work — but new updates will not be available and bugs and incompatibility issues are bound to develop over time. It might be a good idea to upgrade while this deal is still valid. For those who are ready to leave FTM behind this respected and powerful family tree program is a great alternative. This change is expected to happen in late You can read all about that here. Find the deal here. Plus, RootsMagic offers a free version of the program, RootsMagic Essentials , that you can use exclusively or as a way to check out the full program before buying it.

The free version is not limited by time or individuals in your tree, but rather by features. Downloading the free version will let you play around with it and decide if you like it before making the switch. You can see a comparison between the free and paid versions here. RootsMagic Essentials will work on Windows or Mac. You will then be prompted to enter your name and email before being presented with a download link for Windows and one for Macs. Installing the program is fairly straightforward. Simply click on the program and follow the prompts. Skip the database download option as the free program does not support it.

Once installed you will need to choose the free or paid version from the selection screen, select free and continue. The Essentials program will now present you will an opportunity to create a new file or open a current file. There are a variety of features, including easing sourcing, good charting and helpful reports. Although you may find the difference in layout a bit startling if you are used to Family Tree Maker and you will need the full version to get all of the features. Dick Eastman also did a breakdown of free options back in Dec.

Check that out for more information. Of course, you could just skip the downloads all together. Many offer powerful features and an attractive design. Just make sure to find one that you can trust to be around tomorrow. We encourage sharing, but it is good to be informed before allowing your data especially as it concerns living individuals online.

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We recently wrote about that here. You may also want to read this article about backing up your online Ancestry records if you are using their online tree to do research and store data. Stay up-to-date with Family History Daily's newest genealogy articles by subscribing to our free weekly newsletter. Thank you.

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To begin receiving the free weekly newsletter please take a moment to check your email and confirm your subscription. FTM is a horrible, horrible program. Poof, they are gone! Absolutely asinine. Is it possible to use more than one Family Tree Maker. I have a disk for , , and Will they operate as separate programs? I have used Family Tree Maker for many years.

I bought and but preferred The following programs seemed so confusing compared to I have downloaded but do not like it. Is there a program that operates like ? FTM seems to work fine on Windows 10, Marilyn, although a get an occasional reminder that there is no more support for this program.

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Like you, I much prefer the format of to any of the newer ones. I have a version of family Tree Maker with about 10, names on it, I have had no trouble with it and I like the way the family page is displayed, it is very easy to work with and to use the note section. I am operating it on windows 7.

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I purchased the Family Tree Maker a few years ago and imported all the generations from the version to see how it would look. Is there any disadvantage in continuing to use the version, By all accounts reading the comments on this site there is lots of trouble with the new versions. I wonder whether the new versions have a more friendlier family tree page unlike the and more like the version? Can anybody help Thanks Steve. Hello I need a couple questions answered! I have ancestral Quest I have a big problem, and apparently the lady that was helping me decided to do it her way. I lost my database and now I have all kinds of errors.

Could some E-Mail me please. The basic program is a free download. I wondered whether I should use Family Tree Maker instead as I have a disk for that also but my research indicates it is no longer a supported program. Whatever you decide, good luck. My trees 3 are all screwed up, people missing, etc. A horror, since I have been using FTM for at least 10 years.

Does anyone know where I can get another disc? I would like to put it on another computer and cannot seem to locate mine. I also have the Mackiev They adopted an application that was poorly documented and designed and they are trying to fix it while at the same time implement the API!! I spoke with three of their representatives at their booth about their syncing problems at the National Genealogical Society conference last month. They appeared sincere in their concern about problems their customers are having. My hunch is that Ancestry, however, is reluctant to continue their relationships with FTM users, whose trees are more lengthy and complex to handle than those of newer customers that Ancestry covets.

Mackiev eventually may have to charge a higher monthly fee from its FTM customers and split the proceeds with Ancestry to continue its relationship. We are deeply disappointed with Mackiev, now that they have taken over Family Tree Maker. We have been FTM users and Ancestry.

And now with AncestryDNA we have made some wonderful connections to previously unknown cousins, sometimes distant, in other parts of the world, visiting some, and adding new branches to our tree in the process. This has become an important extended family activity. The dysfunction of FTM since Mackiev took over has been a shock to us, and deeply disappointing. This language training course is suitable for all. Whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced Cantonese speaker then you will find this course useful.

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