Serial number photoshop elements 10 mac

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Open the Adobe Photoshop Elements installer file that you downloaded from the Adobe website. When you launch Photoshop Elements, a screen shows the number of days remaining for the trial to expire.

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Depending on your operating system, do the following:. Use the serial number you have received to convert the trial version to a full version.

The serial number starts with the number You receive the serial number depending on the type of purchase:. Note: A serial number has 24 digits, and is different from a redemption code which is alphanumeric. Troubleshoot install using logs. Troubleshoot installation exit codes.

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Installing Photoshop Elements Search. Photoshop Elements User Guide. Select an article: Select an article:. Applies to: Photoshop Elements. Install from DVD.

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Before you begin Make sure that you have administrative privileges for the account you are using. Ensure that you have a DVD drive not CD drive connected to your computer before you begin installation.

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Insert the DVD into the drive and follow the instructions. Temporarily disable firewalls, antivirus software, and third-party security software. Disabling them speeds up the installation process. Locate the serial number. The serial number is located at the bottom of the DVD sleeve.

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For more information on finding the serial number, see Find the serial number of your Elements products. If you have a redemption code, convert the redemption code to a serial number. Install Adobe Photoshop Elements Sign in with your Adobe ID usually your email and password. Installation options. What the heck is going on?

Now I start to understand why some people are so angry with Adobe! Submit Cancel. Does anyone else has this problem?

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View previous…. Chris, I read your comments directed to me. The case had 2 discs inside envelopes.

One disc is for Apple installation and the other is for Windows. The envelope containing the Windows disc has a distinct serial number on it.

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Again, legitimate versions of Elements don't have a serial number in the package. They have a redemption number, and instructions on how to enter the redemption number on Adobe's website to get your serial number. The redemption number cannot be used directly to activate the software, and must be entered on Adobe's website before you can get the serial number needed to activate the software.

The second disk has a number on the first line of the sticker, no letters used. I purchased it from a reputable store that has also orders by the Internet, but not from eBay!

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Does anyone out there has a similar package? Thanks guys! I've purchased every version of Photoshop Elements and they had the serial number on the back of the white DVD cover. BUT I also helped several customers to install the Photoshop Elements, where the instructions card instructs you to exchange the number listed for a serial number, just like you mention. I was never suspicious in this case, because everything is as it should with original Adobe boxes, seal was not re-taped or broken They have, I assume, they have some program they use to check the validity of the serial numbers.

I see here and other places that Windows 10, and yes, I'm using W10! Problem is that by now it should be fixed! I think that the copy-protection is trying to go to some server on the WEB and it can't do that! I've asked if you guys can put the serial number into the software and have me download it, so this problem does not happen to me. If you look into the notes, I hope they are there, you can see all the useless stuff they had me do.

serial number photoshop elements 10 mac Serial number photoshop elements 10 mac
serial number photoshop elements 10 mac Serial number photoshop elements 10 mac
serial number photoshop elements 10 mac Serial number photoshop elements 10 mac
serial number photoshop elements 10 mac Serial number photoshop elements 10 mac
serial number photoshop elements 10 mac Serial number photoshop elements 10 mac

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